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External Analysis Free Essays

External Analysis 1. PESTLE Factors Political and Legal · Government has high work efficiency, justice and transparency.  · Company or individual have low tax rate easy to calculate. We will write a custom essay sample on External Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now  · Government supports the development of industry and commerce. | Economic ·Hong Kong is the world’s 11th trading powers and 2nd stock market in Asia.  ·One of the most free trade port and open investment policy. It is the only one RMB offshore market.  ·Over-estimation of the number of visitors. Loss $46 million in the second year and $12 million in its third year. | Socio-Cultural ·By colonial influence, Hong Kong’s culture will more closely to the western country.  ·More open and easy then investment in mainland China. Widely recognized as one of the freest economies in the world.  ·Well adapt the Chinese culture.  ·Marketing campaign was not aggressive enough. | Technological ·Diversification in Business and professional service. Have highly educated professional talents and modern management structure. | Environmental ·Resulted in major environmental problem, such as the death of the marine life and pollution from the nightly fireworks display . | | 2. Implication of PESTLE Analysis * As the management over-estimation of the number of visitors and with the Shanghai Disneyland will open in 2014, Disney HK should consider expansion their current target markets, not only focusing on the visitors are from the mainland China. Hong Kong Disney should be more aggressive in their marketing campaign to let more visitors will able to make more visit. At the same time, Disney HK should improve their service quality also the management as well. * Hong Kong public feels that Disney has shown little respect for the sentiments of people and has exhibited little social responsibility. Disney HK should increasing emphasis on environmentally and become more socially responsible. How to cite External Analysis, Essay examples

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Theories and Definitions Data analysis

Question: Discuss about the Theories and Definitions Data analysis. Answer: Introduction There are various statistical techniques that are available for the analysis of data. Regression analysis, confidence interval are important measures of statistics. There are two types of variables that are used in statistical methods. Continuous random variable and discrete random variable are the two important divisions of the random variables (Struben et al. 2015). In this assignment, various statistical techniques would be explained to provide a brief idea about them. Theories and definitions related to regression techniques, discrete random variable, continuous random variable and confidence interval would be described in this assignment. The assignment would give an idea about the above said methods and variables in statistics and the procedure to use these techniques and variables. The assignment would also give an idea about the knowledge and understanding that had been gained from the theories and definitions related to regression techniques, discrete random variable, continuous random variable and confidence interval. Regression technique Regression techniques are used to find the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variables (Kleinbaum et al. 2013). Regression analysis is used to predict a continuous dependent variable from one or more independent variables (Cameron and Trivedi 2013). The degree of influence of the independent variables on the dependent variable is understood by the method of regression techniques. There are seven types of regression techniques that can be used. They are linear regression methods, polynomial regression, stepwise regression, logistic regression, lasso regression, ridge regression, and Elastic Net regression (Cameron and Trivedi 2013). The regression equation is given by Y = 0 + i Xi ; where i= 1,2,.k (Kleinbaum et al. 2013). Regression techniques help to frame a model that can be used for prediction and forecasting and infer casual relationship between independent and dependent variables. This tool of modeling and analyzing data is used by fitting a curve o n the points of data so that the distance between these data points and regression line is minimized (Draper and Smith 2014). Thus, regression analysis is used to indicate the significant relationship between independent variable and dependent variables and indicate the potency of the impact of independent variable on dependent variable. Discrete random variable The variable which can acquire only a countable number of values is termed as discrete random variable. In the methods of probability distribution, the random variable is defined as the function which maps the point of a probability space on the real space (Petrov 2012). When there random variables is discrete, it is known as discrete random variable. The probability distribution function of a discrete random variable is known as probability density function. The probability mass function of any discrete random variable is any graph, table, or formula which gives each probable value along with its probability (Petrov 2012). Continuous random variable The random variable which takes infinitely many values is known as continuous random variable (Kay 2012). The values of these variables come from continuous random distributions as a continuous random variable tales on an uncountable infinite number of possible outcomes. Specific probabilities cannot be assigned to the continuous variables as a continuous random variable takes unlimited number of possible values (Hogg et al. 2014). The values of continuous random variable come from an interval which consists of the values of these random variables. The probability distribution function of a continuous random variable is knows as probability density function (Hogg et al. 2014). Confidence interval Confidence interval is defined as the interval estimate of a parameter of the population (Struben et al. 2015). Confidence interval is usually calculated from the observations and is different from sample to sample. Confidence interval is formed by calculating the lower confidence limit and upper confidence limit of the sample from the population (Cappelleri and Ting 2015). The region between this lower confidence limit and upper confidence limit gives the confidence interval of the population parameter. A large range of values lie in the confidence interval and it acts as a perfect estimate of the population parameter. Confidence interval is usually considered for 99%, 95%, 90%, 85% and 80% of confidence interval (Perez et al. 2014). These confidence intervals are usually considered from the desired level of significance in which the sample is to be estimated. Conclusion It can be concluded that these statistical techniques are useful for knowing various dimensions of the sample and its population. The dependency of the dependent variable on the independent variable, two types of random variables and the confidence interval of the parameters of population was described and its utility in the statistical field was given. It is seen that the mean of the variable was 17.491; median was 18.63 while the mode was 22.75. It is seen that discrete random variable and continuous random variable have different modes of approach towards probability distribution. The discrete variables show that the 22 male customers use sauna service and 25 of them do not like it. Similarly, 20 female customers use the sauna service while 31 of them do not like it. It is also seen that the highest frequency result with 8 customers which have a 19% for the first hour and there are two second highest frequency with 6 customers each have a 14% for the fourth hour and twentieth hour respectively. The Poisson distribution shows that the probability that 2 customers visiting sauna after gym is 0.2707 while the probability reduces to 0.0361 when it comes to 5 customers. The confidence interval was found to be (14.773, 18.774). The regression technique shows that there exist a negative relationship between the timing hour and the number of customers visiting sauna. The value of R2 was found to be 0.264 while the value of R was found to be -0.514. Reflection I have learnt that there are two kinds of variables that are random, are available. They are continuous random variable and discrete random variable. Both these variables have different approaches towards the probability distributions. I have learnt that regression techniques indicate the significant relationship between independent variable and dependent variables and it indicates the strength of relationship between them. I have also learnt that confidence interval estimates the interval estimate of a parameter of the population. Thus, this assignment had helped me to understand various statistical techniques and their utilities. I came to know that there exist dependent vaialbes and indepdnnet variables apart from discrete and random variables. I came to know about the importance of the relationship between them. I also learnt the importance of confidence interval. References Cameron, A.C. and Trivedi, P.K., 2013.Regression analysis of count data(Vol. 53). Cambridge university press. Cappelleri, J.C. and Ting, N., 2015. Evaluation of a Confidence Interval Approach for Relative Agreement in a Crossed Three-Way Random Effects Model. InApplied Statistics in Biomedicine and Clinical Trials Design(pp. 381-392). Springer International Publishing. Draper, N.R. and Smith, H., 2014.Applied regression analysis. John Wiley Sons. Hogg, R.V., Tanis, E. and Zimmerman, D., 2014.Probability and statistical inference. Pearson Higher Ed. Kay, S.M., 2012. Continuous Random Variables. InIntuitive Probability and Random Processes Using MATLAB(pp. 285-342). Springer US. Kleinbaum, D.G., Kupper, L.L., Nizam, A. and Rosenberg, E.S., 2013.Applied regression analysis and other multivariable methods. Nelson Education. Perez, A.E., Haskell, N.H. and Wells, J.D., 2014. Evaluating the utility of hexapod species for calculating a confidence interval about a succession based postmortem interval estimate.Forensic science international,241, pp.91-95. Petrov, V., 2012.Sums of independent random variables(Vol. 82). Springer Science Business Media. Struben, J., Sterman, J. and Keith, D., 2015. Parameter and confidence interval estimation in dynamic models: maximum likelihood and bootstrapping methods.Analytical Handbook for Dynamic Modelers.

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Assignment Essays

Assignment Essays Assignment Essay Assignment Essay General Education (2014-2015, First semester) Assignment 4 You are required to write a brief summary from the Journal article written by Dry. Steven Chunk Fun Hung: Civic education policy of the Hong Kong Special administrative Region: A historical and comparative analysis with theories of the state. Type of package Products will be packed in two types: 1 egg, and egg pack Cover display The back ground will be green, it illustrates for the fresh fruit. The logo of company will be on the center upper of the package. Right below is the image illustrate the product as following: (Source: http://tempered. Com/WAP-content/uploads/201 3/05/Frustrated. Jpg) And other details of the product like weight, expire date Ingredients and Nutrition facts will be displayed in the back of the pack. Ingredients Potatoes, Salad powder, Vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, and/or Canola oil), fruit seasoning (kiwi, strawberry, blackberry, grape, apple), Pricing strategy The new product will apply the price skimming strategy; it means that the many will set the price for this new product higher than the current products to get the maximum profit for the premium layer of customer and the exclusive features of the product then after a period the price will reduce to the average price of the same category product. The reason to apply this strategy is that base on the market research the aimed target customers are baby boomers. According several reports showed that baby boomers spending power is approximately $1 trillion. (Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, McDaniel, Captor, Appleby, Shearer, 2013). The research also pointed out snack is one of their favorite food and they will spend money for the special and healthier product. Thus, apply this strategy allow the company get the returns faster as well as satisfy the demand of target customers. The place to sell the products. Base on the research we can obviously see that baby boomers often shop at smaller upscale grocery, so these places such as Shoppers will be the most priority to put the new product in, the company also sell the new product at super market like Wall-Mart, Inferior, Fresco Moreover, the stores at gas taxation are suitable to sell the product because it is convenient for customer take a minute to buy on the way going home or go to work. Promotion There are top three promotion programs that the company should apply to boost the sales revenue of the products: Buy two get free one, lucky draw, and gift voucher for loyal customers. The first promotion program is that if anyone buys two large packages will get one small package for free. This program will encourage people buy more, so the sales revenue will be increased. In the second program, in every packages of product will include a icky draw ticket, the special prize is an Phone 6 plus. With the attractive prize will also make people have motivation to buy more. In the third program, every customer bring 1 00 empty packages of the product to the nearest grocery can exchange a free shopping voucher to buy goods at some super market such as Walter, inferior. This program could stimulate customer buy more, and the most important thing is that by keeping the empty package the customer will remember the brand name of the product and this can help the company promote it to a mass of customer. Bibliography Jeanie Fernando, L.

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How to Save PHP Files in Mac TextEdit

How to Save PHP Files in Mac TextEdit TextEdit is a simple text editor that comes standard on every Apple Macintosh computer. By following a few simple steps, you can use the TextEdit program to create and save PHP files. PHP is a server-side programming language that is used in conjunction with HTML to enhance the features of a website. Open TextEdit ​If the icon for TextEdit is  located on the dock, as it is when the computer ships, just click the icon to launch TextEdit. Otherwise, Open a Finder window by clicking on the Finder icon in the dock.Choose Applications from the menu on the left.In the list of applications on the right side of the screen, find and double-click TextEdit. Change the TextEdit Preferences From the Format menu at the top of the screen, choose Make Plain Text. If you dont see this option, but see Make Rich Text, the document is already set for plain text.Select Preferences from the TextEdit menu at the top of the screen.Click the New Document tab and confirm the radio button next to Plain text is selected.Click the Open and Save tab and confirm the box next to Display HTML files as HTML code instead of formatted text is checked. Enter the Code Type the  PHP code into TextEdit. Save theFile Choose Save  from the File menu.Enter your_file_name.php into the Save As field, being sure to include the .php extension.Click the Save button. If a pop-up  asks you if you want to use .txt or .php as the file extension. Click the Use .php button. Testing You cannot test your PHP code in TextEdit. You can test it in PHP if you have it on your Mac, or you can download an emulator app from the Mac App Store- PHP Code Tester, PHP Runner and qPHP can all be used to test the accuracy of your code. Just copy it from the TextEdit File and paste it into the application screen.

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Art Movement of Suprematism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Art Movement of Suprematism - Assignment Example Malevich was a Russian painter and theoretician in the art as well, and he is the recognized founder of the Suprematist art movement. One of his most popular works is the White on a White painting which is Oil on Canvas square piece measuring 79.4 centimeters. It dates back to the year 1935 and remains an outstanding piece that pioneered this art movement. In the description, the piece is a simple square frame that has a smaller inner square tilted slightly clockwise so that it seems to be standing on its bottom-right edge. The inner white square, placed off-center in that it leans to the right more than it does to the left rests on a bigger outer square that seems warmer. Both squares have rich texture on their surfaces. The resulting effect is the creation of an illusion of volume and depth by the use of a single color. Born Lazar Markovich Lissitzky, this man was born in Smolensk, Russia in eighteen-ninety and died in Moscow in nineteen-forty one. He is famous as an influential twentieth-century typographer, designer, and painter. According to Sarabianov (n.p.), he met Malevich at Vitebsk in 1919 at the Revolutionary People’s Art School where he was teaching graphics and architecture.

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The Construction Requirements Placed on Commercial Buildings Term Paper

The Construction Requirements Placed on Commercial Buildings - Term Paper Example ral barriers to existing facilities, which must be â€Å"readily accessible† – that is, businesses must determine whether it could fulfill such removals given the project costs. Otherwise, such non-compliance would cause the company to be charged with discrimination against the disabled. Exempted from this rule are private clubs, places of worship and historical landmarks. The APA is a unique piece of legislation in that it is flexible, allowing much leeway for legislators and implementers alike to amend and strengthen the law in accordance with the changes in society that directly affect disabled people. This is also in anticipation of the friction that might occur between advancing the rights of persons with disabilities and furthering the profit-making potential of business entities (ADA Update: A Primer for Small Business 9). Not surprisingly, a number of regulations related to the law have been made and eventually revised through the years. Along with the ADAâ€⠄¢s enactment, the Standards for Accessible Design were published in 1991 which defined the merits and requirements for an accessible facility for the compliance of businesses. Implemented by the Disability Rights Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, the standards were influenced by the ADA Accessibility Guidelines formulated by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Andrews 19). In 2004, the justice department and the Board thought it necessary to revise and improve the guidelines based on a list of suggestions submitted by the American Institute of Architects ("The Angle: New ADA Standards." On September 15, 2010, the justice department published a new set of standards for accessible design in the Federal Register, in tune with numerous developments that affect the... As observed, the technical specifications included in the 1991 and 2010 ADA Standards are not necessarily strict. While details are provided as to the measurements, placing of amenities and other related factors, there is no explicit mention of any enforcement clause. This implies that small businesses which could not easily afford the requirements of the law may choose to adjust the dimensions depending on the size and floor area of its building, with the help of reliable civil engineers. Business owners must not use this realization as a scapegoat to not fulfilling the provisions in, say, around 10 to 15 years, since it is posited that their commercial endeavors would have progressed by that time.Businesses still find it hard to comply with the law’s provisions. From the interview conducted with the ADA review specialist and the survey of non-compliance issues, it can be deduced that construction and design professionals could not meet at the center in terms of equipment and building material specifications. Businesses, on the other hand, are confronted with the challenge of using the appropriate materials for new constructions and structural alterations that are ADA-compliant, while still being wary of the expense limits. Apparently though, business owners failed to realize the long-term benefits of ADA compliance not just for the benefit of people of disabilities, but also for the convenience it can bring to the employees and even to the general public, given the increasing complication of modern working and living.

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Effects of pilocarpine and atropine on heart rate

Effects of pilocarpine and atropine on heart rate Abstract Heart rate is controlled in a normal heart by the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Pilocarpine and atropine are cholinergic drugs that affect heart rate by affecting the acetylcholine receptors. A frog heart was used to compare the effects of pilocarpine and atropine on heart rate. Pilocarpine was shown to decrease the heart rate and atropine increased heart rate. These results are consistent with how the two drugs affect the receptors. Introduction Although the heart has autorhythmic cells the heart rate is regulated by the sympathic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the autonomic nervous system (Dahian, 2006; Silverthorn, 2009; Stabler, 2009). Acetylcholine is released by the parasympathetic nervous system to slow heart rate down (Silverthorn, 2009; Stabler, 2009). Pilocarpine and atropine are cholinergic which means they act on acetylcholine either by increases its activity or decreasing the activity (Silverthorn, 2009; Stabler, 2009). These two drugs also act on the muscarinic receptors which means they act mostly on smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands (Silverthorn, 2009). Pilocarpine is a muscarinic receptor agonist and increases the activity of acetylcholine released by the parasympathetic nervous system thus slowing the heart rate (Silverthorn, 2009). Atropine on the other hand is a muscarinic receptor antagonist and competes with acetylcholine for binding on the receptors which means it blocks acetylcholine released by the parasympathic system and allows the heart rate to increase (Silverthorn, 2009). A frog heart has three chambers and the human heart beats faster in a normal state but the mechanisms in both hearts are very similar, so a frog heart can be a good candidate for research to apply to humans (Stabler, 2009). Materials and Methods A frog heart was obtained and hung by placing a hook through the apex of the heart and tying a string to the hook and to a metal rod above. Ringers solution was applied to the heart at 23 degrees Celsius. An oscilloscope monitor was also used to monitor the heart rate. Bottles of pilocarpine and atropine were obtained. A few drops of pilocarpine were dropped on to the suspended frog heart. Results of heart rate were then recorded once the heart rate was stabilized. Room temperature (23C) Ringers solution was then applied to rid the heart of the pilocarpine. A few drops of Atropine were then dropped on to the suspended frog heart. Results of heart rate were again recorded once the heart rate was stabilized. Room temperature Ringers solution was then reapplied to the heart to rid the heart of atropine. (Stabler, 2009) Results Normal, initial heart rate was determined by the oscilloscope to be 60 beats per minute (bpm). The stabilized heart rate of the frog heart after pilocarpine was applied was 45bpm. The stabilized heart rate of the frog heart after atropine was applied was 70bpm. Table 1: Effects of Pilocarpine and Atropine on Heart Rate Solution Heart Rate None 60 Pilocarpine 45 Atropine 70 Rate of the frog heart beat before and after pilocarpine and atropine were applied. Discussion Pilocarpine is a muscarinic receptor agonist that increases the activity of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (Silverthorn, 2009). This means that pilocarpine increases the effects of acetylcholine in the body. As previously noted acetylcholine is used by the parasympathetic nervous system and one of its functions is to slow down the heart rate (Silverthorn, 2009). Therefore since pilocarpine increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, it slows down the heart rate. The results are consistent with the function of pilocarpine. Other experiments have been done that show that pilocarpine decreases heart rate as well (Saad, et al., 2003). Atropine is an anticholinergic drug and acts as a muscarinic receptor antagonist. Atropine competes with acetylcholine for the binding sites on the receptors (Dahian, 2006; Silverthorn, 2009). Once atropine binds it blocks the binding of acetylcholine and thus blocks the effects of acetylcholine (Dahian, 2006; Silverthorn, 2009). As previously noted acetylcholine regulates the heart rate by slowing it down when needed. Since acetylcholine cannot bind the heart rate increases. Thus the results are consistent with the way atropine affects acetylcholine receptors. Dahians results on atropine on rats showed that atropine increased the heart rate (2006). Literature Cited Dahian, A. (2006). Statistical analysis of the effects of atropine and propranolol on the inter-beat interval of rats. Mississippi State University: Biomedical Engineering. Saad, W., Guarda, I. F., Camargo, L., Santos, T., Saad, W. A., Guarda, R. S., et al. (2003). Role of nitric oxide of the median preoptic nucleus (MnPO) in the alterations of salivary flow, arterial pressure and heart rate induced by injection of pilocarpine into the MnPO and intraperitoneally. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 897-905. Silverthorn, D. U. (2009). Human physiology. San Francisco: Pearson Education. Stabler, S. P. (2009). PhysioEx 8.0 for Human Physiology: Laboratory simulations in physiology. San Francisco: Pearson Education.