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Hamlet A Misogynist Essay Example For Students

Hamlet A Misogynist Essay In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the hero, Price Hamlet, utilizes a few different ways to safeguard himself against his oedipal wants, his hostility towards his uncle, just as his own inward clash . Hamlet’s contempt towards Claudius originates from two violations submitted; Claudius’ murder of his sibling and his inbreeding with Hamlet’s mother. As a result of the earnestness of the two violations, just as the way that the two people influenced are firmly related, there is proof of an interrelation between both of the wrongdoings; which can additionally clarifies Hamlet’s reaction.Following his dad, King Hamlet’s demise, his mom, Gertrude continues to wed his Uncle Claudius; this causes a flood of Hamlet’s oedipal wants towards his mom. Hamlet endeavors to accommodate his perverted urges utilizing his relationship with Ophelia. Moreover, his requirement for retribution for his father’s demise makes Hamlet experience incredi ble displeasure towards his Uncle; Hamlet joins the Oedipus Complex in his vengeance against his father’s killer, who is by and by his mother’s spouse. Simultaneously, Hamlet encounters an internal clash. He is conflicted between his obligation to vindicate his father’s demise and his powerlessness to murder his uncle; which can be found comparable to his Oedipal Complex also. Hamlet’s sentiment of repulsiveness towards the marriage of his mom and his uncle is an immediate response to his subdued Oedipus Complex. Hamlet, from the outset, tries to determine his oedipal wants through the character of Ophelia. â€Å"Hamlet seems to have with pretty much achievement weaned himself from his mom and to have begun to look all starry eyed at Ophelia.† In the paper â€Å"Hamlet Psychoanalyzed† by Ernest Jones, there is notice of numerous similitudes between the Queen and Ophelia, as was seen by different journalists; Ophelia appeared to take over Gertrude’s job as mother by turning out to be Hamlet’s wellspring of love. Besides, the possibility of sexuality being associated with Hamlet’s mother can be found in contrast with Hamlet’s relationship among Ophelia and suggestive want. Basically, Hamlet is returning to an increasingly puerile brain outline while partner Gertrude with Ophelia, subliminally attempting to gua rd himself against his uncertain Oedipal wants towards his mom. Nonetheless, when King Hamlet kicks the bucket and Gertrude remarries, Hamlet’s aversion of his mom is transmitted to Ophelia, making Hamlet totally dismiss her. Hamlet’s oedipal wants for his mom, Gertrude, develop following his father’s passing. In any case, in spite of the characteristic course of the Oedipus Complex, where Hamlet would supplant his dad, Gertrude weds another man; to be specific, his Uncle Claudius. In this regard, Claudius now speaks to Hamlet’s object of retribution, yet speaks to Hamlet, himself. The familial picture of his father’s own sibling getting physically involved with his mom reflects Hamlet’s own perverted wants too; this can be viewed as the base of Hamlet’s internal clash. By slaughtering his Uncle, he would be subliminally executing himself also. Hence, Hamlet has extraordinary trouble completing the homicide of his uncle. All through t he play Hamlet looks for reasons to stall the deed of executing his father’s killer. His utilization of weakness, uncertainty of his uncle’s coerce and even the examination of self destruction, are Hamlet’s strategies for postponing his ethical commitment to his father’s phantom. Just once Gertrude is dead would hamlet be able to accumulate the solidarity to kill Claudius. Her destruction broke the pattern of the Oedipus Complex, permitting Hamlet to disengage his own personality from that of his uncle’s, and giving him exculpation. This can be demonstrated further by the parallelism with Hamlet’s relationship to Ophelia. As referenced above, Ophelia, as it were, speaks to Gertrude, the collector of Hamlet’s oedipal wants. Laertes, Ophelia’s sibling, is the partner to Hamlet’s Uncle. Hamlet didn't feel any regret by slaughtering Laertes after Ophelia had passed on. This is on the grounds that Hamlet’s subconscious self related Laertes to the character of Claudius; who was, thus, an impression of himself. â€Å"Fathers see youngsters as they do their spouses and bodies, as mammoths to be controlled†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Hamlet watched the way Ophelia was constrained by her sibling in a parental manner, and related that with how Gertrude was constrained by Claudius too; how the two of them acknowledged orders at the male’s will, normal for the occasions. Thus, Hamlet was in a comparative Oedipus Complex with Ophelia and Laertes as he was with Gertrude and Claudius; the two of which added to Hamlet’s internal clash; the homicide of his Uncle versus his Oedipal wants. .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 , .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .postImageUrl , .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .focused content territory { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 , .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:hover , .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:visited , .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:active { border:0!important; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 { show: square; progress: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-change: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; darkness: 1; change: obscurity 250ms; webkit-change: murkiness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:active , .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:hover { haziness: 1; change: mistiness 250ms; webkit-progress: mistiness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .focused content zone { width: 100%; position: relativ e; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .ctaText { fringe base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: intense; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; text-design: underline; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; outskirt: none; fringe range: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: striking; line-stature: 26px; moz-fringe span: 3px; text-adjust: focus; text-beautification: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-tallness: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87 236 .focused content { show: table; tallness: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u3491dbccfbcdc223dd2c918e32a87236:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Galactosemia EssayThe character of Hamlet is pulled every which way all through the play. He laments his dad, dismisses his mom and Ophelia and hates his uncle all while endeavoring to manage inward issues. In response to this, Hamlet’s character can be viewed as one who accept a wide range of personalities; in that capacity, Hamlet utilizes various strategies to protect himself from the contradicting powers encompassing him; those powers being, his mom and his sexual wants for her, his uncle and his scorn towards him and himself and his own distress. Book index:

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Like A Flag in the Wind We are One

Stop. Advise the driver to respite and order the tires to be quiet. Ensure everybody is tranquil and not squirming. Direct the individuals who are waving to stop swaying their hands and let them look for a snappy second at this still second in-time and think. Look. Look at the image. For what reason is everybody bidding farewell? Is it since waving is an adequate folkway that has now become clich㠯⠿â ½ and is only a simple way out when separating? For what reason are the individuals who have lifted hands crying? What is making such feeling be blended in such huge numbers of at the same time? For what reason do I feel a similar way? Camp comes once every year. Multi week recently evenings, talking, association with different adherents and close experiences with God. Camp is a different universe; a spot dissimilar to home. Nonetheless, that yellow school transport consistently takes us back to the real world, advising us that this desert garden is just transitory. However regardless of camp's curtness, its recollections will consistently stay in the rear of my psyche, continually moving, breathing, living. They are converted into ink and spread out onto paper yet they are vivified in my brain †circling in my memory. I am immersed in the memory of their appearances. They are here with me. Presently I sit. I sit taking a gander at these photographs without anyone else, yet this one sticks out. It was the latest day of camp and a dark day at that. Everybody was stating their last farewells. We previously missed each other. At that point, I don't think we understood that we would be together soon; camp would just be a year away and the winter retreat a unimportant a half year. In any case, who thinks about that at that point? Who ponders such subtleties when so defeat with feeling? That is the thing that photos are for: to think back and reevaluate circumstances, to clear your head and to return to and comprehend past conditions. Presently thinking back I comprehend and am settled †I will see them soon. This acknowledgment energizes me; the idea of seeing their appearances enthuses me like the idea of a warm summer day. By and by we will get the opportunity to discuss and venerate Jesus and not keep anything down. It is only here and there that I find the opportunity to have friendship with different Christians and to be in a situation where everybody's attention is on God. Circumstances such as these I relish; gradually snacking a bit of chocolate †sweet and smooth - letting it soften on my tongue. In any case, similar to any bit of chocolate, there is a conclusion to it. Farewell waves and garages are in unavoidable. Be that as it may, when we return home, our relationship with our God remains the equivalent; we are still supporters of Jesus †just presently swimming up stream. However we do this together; we may not be one next to the other yet we as a whole love our God at the same time. I can in any case recollect the warm kiss of the sun moving on my arm; the impression of unwinding and solace descended from the sky and embraced me, veiling the inward bitterness I had gushing inside. However, glancing back at this image, I would now be able to recall additionally an extraordinary feeling of certainty, realizing I was and am not the only one in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ; those on the ground I was waving farewell to and those whom I was sitting with on the transport all have a similar reason. This image is a landmark †enduring proof, an update and a case of an extraordinary and eminent occasion in my life: camp. It was where I turned out to be nearer to God and made numerous great companions. I will miss my brethren yet regardless of the truth of our partition, there is comfort. There is comfort in realizing I will see them soon and up to that point we share a similar reason in solidarity. We don't need to be genuinely together so as to be siblings and sisters in Christ. We are associated by a shared factor: God. So advise the individuals who are waving to stop†¦ pause†¦ realize†¦ We may not be joined in closeness, however like a banner in the breeze we are one.

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The 10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Can Make

The 10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Can Make Someday you might find yourself sitting at your desk wondering what life would be like if you’ve chosen a different career path. In today’s world, it doesn’t even need to be a distant dream â€" career change is possible and many people take the steps to change their career paths in wild ways.But change is not always easy. If you don’t approach the career change the right way, you might end up feeling sad and angry. So, what are the big mistakes to avoid? Here are the ten worst mistakes career changers can make to help you avoid them. JUMPING INTO A NEW CAREER WITHOUT SELF-REFLECTIONA big mistake to make is simply rushing to your career change without giving it a proper thought. Career changers can simply look at a career and go after it without properly analyzing their skills regarding the new path.But if you just rush to a new career path like this, you can make the change a lot harder and end up in another role you don’t love â€" if you are lucky of even making the change happen.It’s important to take a moment to self-reflect. You need to look at your transferable skills and your strengths (and weaknesses) in terms of your desired career path. Do you have what it takes? What are the areas you need to focus on improving? What are the unique skills you have?You should also understand what it is that you’re looking for with the change. It would be useful to answer the following questions:What do you want from your career?What are you looking for from the new career path? What does it provide you that your cu rrent career path doesn’t?The answers will help you understand if you’re making the change for the right reasons. You’ll understand the challenges but also the strengths you might have to venture on this new adventure.PICKING A CAREER PATH WITHOUT PROPER RESEARCHAside from reflecting on your own skills and career wants, you should also study the industry and roles you want to move into before committing to it. Your idea of the career might not actually be what the reality is like and you don’t want to end up making the wrong decision. You want to dig deep and truly figure out what the industry is like and what you need to do to succeed in the new career.It’s important to talk to people working in the industry. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people on LinkedIn, for example, and ask them about the roles. You can also talk to recruitment professionals to learn. Check out industry-related blogs and read job profiles from company websites. This will all help you get a cleare r picture of what the sector is like and what it takes to succeed in the career.Make sure you don’t just learn about the good stuff. Ask people to be honest about the negative things too. It’s important you make the career change based on a realistic view of what’s in front of you â€" you don’t want to end up in a career that won’t fit your skills or your personality.MAKING THE CHANGE BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT HAPPY IN YOUR CURRENT JOBThere are also a number of wrong reasons for embarking on a career change and one of them is unhappiness in what you have now. Of course, it’s common to change careers if you don’t like where you’ve ended up â€" most people would be driven to the change just because they want something else.But the point here is to understand that career change isn’t always the answer for unhappiness in your current job. Just because you are unhappy in your current role, doesn’t mean you should move on to a completely new industry. Don’t be disillusion ed in thinking the answer is always career change.You might not really be unhappy about the industry or your style of work. It might just be the organization or the team that doesn’t suit you. You could end up being happy doing what you are doing now by simply changing the company or taking a small break from it all â€" there are tons of routes to explore if you find yourself unhappy at work.So, if you find yourself unhappy at work, analyze carefully what the reason is. Don’t start swapping careers until you’ve thought about other ways of making your work seem more exciting and motivating. STARTING FULL-TIME STUDIES WITHOUT TESTING THE FIELDWith the above in mind, it’s important to research and explore. It’s a big mistake to just enroll in a full-time course and leave your old life behind. In fact, if you can get a bit of experience in the new field, you might find it easier to make the change later. You’ll be more informed about your decision and you’ll have a bit of knowledge in the sector already.What this means is learning about the industry and the new job position. Aside from talking to professionals in the field, you might also want to read industry books (even textbooks!) and perhaps study part-time first. You can often find online courses or YouTube videos that give you an insight into the kind of skills needed in the industry. You could even consider volunteering if it’s an option in the field and get to know the industry a bit better.This will all provide you more knowledge. You get to test the waters and check out how your skills might work in the industry. You won’t end up studying a degree that you won’t even use, wasting good years on the career ladder. But you’ll see if the change is what you really want and you identify the route to your goals.LISTENING TO EXTERNAL FACTORSA career change should always begin with you and not from an external factor. You shouldn’t look for another industry just because it seems popular or because your close friends are swapping careers. If someone tells your talent would better fit another industry, don’t just drop your career and follow their advice.The desire to change careers must come from you. You must have the drive and passion to pursue this new adventure because your heart and mind tells you to. You can’t go after a career change purely because others are doing it or telling you to do it. Prestige, money and fame are external factors â€" you shouldn’t let them determine what you should do. Sure, you might start making more or become famous but these are not a reason for pursuing change.The problem with listening to external factors is that it will eventually just come down to you. You won’t succeed in your career if you don’t actually have the passion â€" you’ll soon find yourself unhappy again, wishing you could do something different. It’s not a bad idea to take note of what is happening in the world around you and to listen to people’s opi nions but don’t allow them to be in the driving seat.NOT SPEAKING TO OUTSIDERS ABOUT THE CHANGEWhile you definitely don’t want others to direct your career change, it would also be a mistake to do this all without talking to others. You don’t want to embark on such a massive project without discussing the ins and outs of the move with your nearest and dearest.Naturally, it’s important to discuss the topic with your family â€" especially if you’re in a relationship with someone. Your family can have all sorts of insightful opinions that can help you reflect on this decision. You might also find it useful to talk to your closest friends, the people that know you the best and who might be able to help you examine your own reasoning behind the change.But on top of this, you should talk to colleagues and other professionals about the change. This gives a more professional angle to the situation â€" you can talk more about what the career change at this point means professionall y. If you know someone who’s changed careers, you definitely talk to them to get tips on what you should expect.Now, talking to a career or recruitment specialist can be extremely useful. You can get concrete help in terms of what things you might need to do and the steps you should take to make the change as smooth as possible.Speaking with professionals, colleagues and even friends can also help with networking. Reaching out to people in the industry is crucial for making connections and getting your foot through the industry door. ALLOWING MONEY TO BE THE DECIDING FACTORThe above mistakes have already briefly touched on the subject of money. Career changers shouldn’t ever let money be the deciding factor. In the long-term running after money won’t make you happy or to help you feel professionally fulfilled. You might end up with a bigger salary but burnt out because you don’t enjoy what you are doing.If you just follow the money, you will find yourself longing for somethi ng else. You can end up becoming bitter or bored at what you do. Ultimately, if you aren’t happy doing what you do, you won’t be very good at it and this can hinder your ability to make money. You might find yourself stuck on a career ladder not being able to climb because the desire is not there.It’s OK to want to earn a good living but changing careers isn’t the only way to do this. You should always be thinking of different ways to put your current talent to work â€" find those passive income streams or ways to make more money.If you’re just disappointed at how much you are making but you still like your industry and job, you should do a few things. You need to:Check what the industry average is for your role. If you are making a lot less than the average, you might want to consider talking about a raise with your boss. If you are earning a lot more already but you’re still not happy, consider seeking a promotion or taking a step upwards in the career ladder.Think wha t you want the money for and whether there are other ways of feeling more financially fulfilled. Consider saving or looking into investing options. Explore your thinking around money â€" why do you want it and what it would mean for you? Perhaps you are just trying to reach a specific income because your thinking around money is flawed.NOT PLANNING FOR THE TRANSITION MENTALLY AND FINANCIALLYIt’s a big mistake to think your career change will be a breeze. Jumping into a new career won’t happen overnight in most cases and you need to be prepared for what this can mean to your wellbeing and finances. Don’t approach career change lightly.If you need to step out of the career ladder in order to make the change, it can be tough on your finances. It’s important to plan for this and have a budget in place for getting through the era of unemployment. You need to be realistic â€" you might have to change your lifestyle before you get a new job. It’s important to also have a realisti c approach to finding a job and your finances. You shouldn’t think you’ll only need two months to get the job â€" if the third month starts and your savings have run out, you’ll be in trouble.But career changers shouldn’t just plan their finances. Changing from one career to another can be rather taxing on your mind even if you really want the change. You might love the industry but being back in school might not be quite as fun. It might also become a mental struggle to survive the lonely days of job hunting when you’ve been used to sitting in the office with other people. Even the new job might not seem as excitable after a few months â€" it’s easy to get the honeymoon blues.You should have support along the way. It’s important to talk to someone about the things you’re going through and to remember to wind down. Don’t just let your life be consumed by the change â€" go out and do other things too.FORGETTING ABOUT THE JOB APPLICATION SKILLSFinding the right role in a new industry is not just about your skills and abilities. You shouldn’t just focus on your skills when switching careers. You also need to be practical about the whole process â€" you will, essentially, need to be good at applying for jobs.If you haven’t been job-hunting in a long time, you should take enough time to brush up on your job application skills and knowledge before you start. This can help take some of the stress out of the process. You’ll make the process much smoother and you can, hopefully, find yourself in a new job much quicker.What you need to do is:Understand the job application process.Learn to write the best resumes and cover letters.Perform well in the job interviews.If you don’t focus on these skills on your career change journey, you might find it stressful and uncomfortable. You might not be as good as presenting your transferable skills and you’ll just end up frustrating yourself over the lack of job interviews and offers. Being good at apply ing for jobs is an important skill and it can help you succeed in your new career change.STARTING TO SECOND-GUESS YOUR ABILITIESWhen you commit to the career change and when you’ve avoided the above mistakes, you need to put 100% of your effort into making the change happen. If you know it’s what you want and what you need at this point in your career then go for it with all you got and don’t start second-guessing.It won’t always be easy and it might seem like you can’t do it at times. But it can be done! Your skills are not just suited for a single career and there are stories of people changing careers well into their forties and fifties! If you believe in the change and you are passionate about it, then you can do it. You need to trust your ability and your decision â€" your skills will find a fitting career if you just remember to look for it in the right places and with the right intentions. So, continue to work hard and stay focused.THE BOTTOM LINE OF CHANGING CAREER SCareer change is possible. However, it will take time and you need to do your research. Don’t expect to know what a different career would be like or to think it’s the only road to happiness. You must be willing to evaluate your own skills and desires and to learn about the industry you’re getting into before you make the change.But when you’ve made up your mind go full steam ahead! It can be the best decision you’ve made and provide you with a rewarding career.

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External Analysis Free Essays

External Analysis 1. PESTLE Factors Political and Legal · Government has high work efficiency, justice and transparency.  · Company or individual have low tax rate easy to calculate. We will write a custom essay sample on External Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now  · Government supports the development of industry and commerce. | Economic ·Hong Kong is the world’s 11th trading powers and 2nd stock market in Asia.  ·One of the most free trade port and open investment policy. It is the only one RMB offshore market.  ·Over-estimation of the number of visitors. Loss $46 million in the second year and $12 million in its third year. | Socio-Cultural ·By colonial influence, Hong Kong’s culture will more closely to the western country.  ·More open and easy then investment in mainland China. Widely recognized as one of the freest economies in the world.  ·Well adapt the Chinese culture.  ·Marketing campaign was not aggressive enough. | Technological ·Diversification in Business and professional service. Have highly educated professional talents and modern management structure. | Environmental ·Resulted in major environmental problem, such as the death of the marine life and pollution from the nightly fireworks display . | | 2. Implication of PESTLE Analysis * As the management over-estimation of the number of visitors and with the Shanghai Disneyland will open in 2014, Disney HK should consider expansion their current target markets, not only focusing on the visitors are from the mainland China. Hong Kong Disney should be more aggressive in their marketing campaign to let more visitors will able to make more visit. At the same time, Disney HK should improve their service quality also the management as well. * Hong Kong public feels that Disney has shown little respect for the sentiments of people and has exhibited little social responsibility. Disney HK should increasing emphasis on environmentally and become more socially responsible. How to cite External Analysis, Essay examples

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Theories and Definitions Data analysis

Question: Discuss about the Theories and Definitions Data analysis. Answer: Introduction There are various statistical techniques that are available for the analysis of data. Regression analysis, confidence interval are important measures of statistics. There are two types of variables that are used in statistical methods. Continuous random variable and discrete random variable are the two important divisions of the random variables (Struben et al. 2015). In this assignment, various statistical techniques would be explained to provide a brief idea about them. Theories and definitions related to regression techniques, discrete random variable, continuous random variable and confidence interval would be described in this assignment. The assignment would give an idea about the above said methods and variables in statistics and the procedure to use these techniques and variables. The assignment would also give an idea about the knowledge and understanding that had been gained from the theories and definitions related to regression techniques, discrete random variable, continuous random variable and confidence interval. Regression technique Regression techniques are used to find the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variables (Kleinbaum et al. 2013). Regression analysis is used to predict a continuous dependent variable from one or more independent variables (Cameron and Trivedi 2013). The degree of influence of the independent variables on the dependent variable is understood by the method of regression techniques. There are seven types of regression techniques that can be used. They are linear regression methods, polynomial regression, stepwise regression, logistic regression, lasso regression, ridge regression, and Elastic Net regression (Cameron and Trivedi 2013). The regression equation is given by Y = 0 + i Xi ; where i= 1,2,.k (Kleinbaum et al. 2013). Regression techniques help to frame a model that can be used for prediction and forecasting and infer casual relationship between independent and dependent variables. This tool of modeling and analyzing data is used by fitting a curve o n the points of data so that the distance between these data points and regression line is minimized (Draper and Smith 2014). Thus, regression analysis is used to indicate the significant relationship between independent variable and dependent variables and indicate the potency of the impact of independent variable on dependent variable. Discrete random variable The variable which can acquire only a countable number of values is termed as discrete random variable. In the methods of probability distribution, the random variable is defined as the function which maps the point of a probability space on the real space (Petrov 2012). When there random variables is discrete, it is known as discrete random variable. The probability distribution function of a discrete random variable is known as probability density function. The probability mass function of any discrete random variable is any graph, table, or formula which gives each probable value along with its probability (Petrov 2012). Continuous random variable The random variable which takes infinitely many values is known as continuous random variable (Kay 2012). The values of these variables come from continuous random distributions as a continuous random variable tales on an uncountable infinite number of possible outcomes. Specific probabilities cannot be assigned to the continuous variables as a continuous random variable takes unlimited number of possible values (Hogg et al. 2014). The values of continuous random variable come from an interval which consists of the values of these random variables. The probability distribution function of a continuous random variable is knows as probability density function (Hogg et al. 2014). Confidence interval Confidence interval is defined as the interval estimate of a parameter of the population (Struben et al. 2015). Confidence interval is usually calculated from the observations and is different from sample to sample. Confidence interval is formed by calculating the lower confidence limit and upper confidence limit of the sample from the population (Cappelleri and Ting 2015). The region between this lower confidence limit and upper confidence limit gives the confidence interval of the population parameter. A large range of values lie in the confidence interval and it acts as a perfect estimate of the population parameter. Confidence interval is usually considered for 99%, 95%, 90%, 85% and 80% of confidence interval (Perez et al. 2014). These confidence intervals are usually considered from the desired level of significance in which the sample is to be estimated. Conclusion It can be concluded that these statistical techniques are useful for knowing various dimensions of the sample and its population. The dependency of the dependent variable on the independent variable, two types of random variables and the confidence interval of the parameters of population was described and its utility in the statistical field was given. It is seen that the mean of the variable was 17.491; median was 18.63 while the mode was 22.75. It is seen that discrete random variable and continuous random variable have different modes of approach towards probability distribution. The discrete variables show that the 22 male customers use sauna service and 25 of them do not like it. Similarly, 20 female customers use the sauna service while 31 of them do not like it. It is also seen that the highest frequency result with 8 customers which have a 19% for the first hour and there are two second highest frequency with 6 customers each have a 14% for the fourth hour and twentieth hour respectively. The Poisson distribution shows that the probability that 2 customers visiting sauna after gym is 0.2707 while the probability reduces to 0.0361 when it comes to 5 customers. The confidence interval was found to be (14.773, 18.774). The regression technique shows that there exist a negative relationship between the timing hour and the number of customers visiting sauna. The value of R2 was found to be 0.264 while the value of R was found to be -0.514. Reflection I have learnt that there are two kinds of variables that are random, are available. They are continuous random variable and discrete random variable. Both these variables have different approaches towards the probability distributions. I have learnt that regression techniques indicate the significant relationship between independent variable and dependent variables and it indicates the strength of relationship between them. I have also learnt that confidence interval estimates the interval estimate of a parameter of the population. Thus, this assignment had helped me to understand various statistical techniques and their utilities. I came to know that there exist dependent vaialbes and indepdnnet variables apart from discrete and random variables. I came to know about the importance of the relationship between them. I also learnt the importance of confidence interval. References Cameron, A.C. and Trivedi, P.K., 2013.Regression analysis of count data(Vol. 53). Cambridge university press. Cappelleri, J.C. and Ting, N., 2015. Evaluation of a Confidence Interval Approach for Relative Agreement in a Crossed Three-Way Random Effects Model. InApplied Statistics in Biomedicine and Clinical Trials Design(pp. 381-392). Springer International Publishing. Draper, N.R. and Smith, H., 2014.Applied regression analysis. John Wiley Sons. Hogg, R.V., Tanis, E. and Zimmerman, D., 2014.Probability and statistical inference. Pearson Higher Ed. Kay, S.M., 2012. Continuous Random Variables. InIntuitive Probability and Random Processes Using MATLAB(pp. 285-342). Springer US. Kleinbaum, D.G., Kupper, L.L., Nizam, A. and Rosenberg, E.S., 2013.Applied regression analysis and other multivariable methods. Nelson Education. Perez, A.E., Haskell, N.H. and Wells, J.D., 2014. Evaluating the utility of hexapod species for calculating a confidence interval about a succession based postmortem interval estimate.Forensic science international,241, pp.91-95. Petrov, V., 2012.Sums of independent random variables(Vol. 82). Springer Science Business Media. Struben, J., Sterman, J. and Keith, D., 2015. Parameter and confidence interval estimation in dynamic models: maximum likelihood and bootstrapping methods.Analytical Handbook for Dynamic Modelers.

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Assignment Essays

Assignment Essays Assignment Essay Assignment Essay General Education (2014-2015, First semester) Assignment 4 You are required to write a brief summary from the Journal article written by Dry. Steven Chunk Fun Hung: Civic education policy of the Hong Kong Special administrative Region: A historical and comparative analysis with theories of the state. Type of package Products will be packed in two types: 1 egg, and egg pack Cover display The back ground will be green, it illustrates for the fresh fruit. The logo of company will be on the center upper of the package. Right below is the image illustrate the product as following: (Source: http://tempered. Com/WAP-content/uploads/201 3/05/Frustrated. Jpg) And other details of the product like weight, expire date Ingredients and Nutrition facts will be displayed in the back of the pack. Ingredients Potatoes, Salad powder, Vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, and/or Canola oil), fruit seasoning (kiwi, strawberry, blackberry, grape, apple), Pricing strategy The new product will apply the price skimming strategy; it means that the many will set the price for this new product higher than the current products to get the maximum profit for the premium layer of customer and the exclusive features of the product then after a period the price will reduce to the average price of the same category product. The reason to apply this strategy is that base on the market research the aimed target customers are baby boomers. According several reports showed that baby boomers spending power is approximately $1 trillion. (Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, McDaniel, Captor, Appleby, Shearer, 2013). The research also pointed out snack is one of their favorite food and they will spend money for the special and healthier product. Thus, apply this strategy allow the company get the returns faster as well as satisfy the demand of target customers. The place to sell the products. Base on the research we can obviously see that baby boomers often shop at smaller upscale grocery, so these places such as Shoppers will be the most priority to put the new product in, the company also sell the new product at super market like Wall-Mart, Inferior, Fresco Moreover, the stores at gas taxation are suitable to sell the product because it is convenient for customer take a minute to buy on the way going home or go to work. Promotion There are top three promotion programs that the company should apply to boost the sales revenue of the products: Buy two get free one, lucky draw, and gift voucher for loyal customers. The first promotion program is that if anyone buys two large packages will get one small package for free. This program will encourage people buy more, so the sales revenue will be increased. In the second program, in every packages of product will include a icky draw ticket, the special prize is an Phone 6 plus. With the attractive prize will also make people have motivation to buy more. In the third program, every customer bring 1 00 empty packages of the product to the nearest grocery can exchange a free shopping voucher to buy goods at some super market such as Walter, inferior. This program could stimulate customer buy more, and the most important thing is that by keeping the empty package the customer will remember the brand name of the product and this can help the company promote it to a mass of customer. Bibliography Jeanie Fernando, L.

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How to Save PHP Files in Mac TextEdit

How to Save PHP Files in Mac TextEdit TextEdit is a simple text editor that comes standard on every Apple Macintosh computer. By following a few simple steps, you can use the TextEdit program to create and save PHP files. PHP is a server-side programming language that is used in conjunction with HTML to enhance the features of a website. Open TextEdit ​If the icon for TextEdit is  located on the dock, as it is when the computer ships, just click the icon to launch TextEdit. Otherwise, Open a Finder window by clicking on the Finder icon in the dock.Choose Applications from the menu on the left.In the list of applications on the right side of the screen, find and double-click TextEdit. Change the TextEdit Preferences From the Format menu at the top of the screen, choose Make Plain Text. If you dont see this option, but see Make Rich Text, the document is already set for plain text.Select Preferences from the TextEdit menu at the top of the screen.Click the New Document tab and confirm the radio button next to Plain text is selected.Click the Open and Save tab and confirm the box next to Display HTML files as HTML code instead of formatted text is checked. Enter the Code Type the  PHP code into TextEdit. Save theFile Choose Save  from the File menu.Enter your_file_name.php into the Save As field, being sure to include the .php extension.Click the Save button. If a pop-up  asks you if you want to use .txt or .php as the file extension. Click the Use .php button. Testing You cannot test your PHP code in TextEdit. You can test it in PHP if you have it on your Mac, or you can download an emulator app from the Mac App Store- PHP Code Tester, PHP Runner and qPHP can all be used to test the accuracy of your code. Just copy it from the TextEdit File and paste it into the application screen.